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Naruto tsunade naked

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They were going with a carefully discussed plan where their strongest fighters would attack directly while the rest surrounded the place to cut off any escapes and provide support from the optimal positions. Just put some drugs into his ramen and let him wolf it down," she cried. Bonnie anina naked. It's bad enough we have to soon lose even one of our whores.

He guessed they were going for secrecy when they set up the defences, rather than preparing for battle. As the orgy went on, other girls gradually joined in one by one, as the one zetsu had his way with each of them.

The men were put in the stands and forced to watch as the women filled the arena. Naruto tsunade naked. As she began to bounce up and down on his cock, he began fondling and sucking on her big boobs. Why can't they make decent Naruto Hentaii Until then, you still belong to us. When the zetsu carrying Shzune saw Tsunade, he wanted to trade girls and fuck the hokage. With her plans to break everyone out turning out to be a complete flop, Tsunade was forced to wait for a rescue while trying to endure every sexual torture the zetsus could think of as they tried to break her will and turn her into an obedient sex slave.

Leaf ninjas had tracked Tsunade to that location and were preparing to attack. The attempt to capture Naruto was successful. Lesbian questions yahoo. A-any man who resists will be killed. Lemon warning, heavy sex, pure smut, not for everyone. Their hands were kept behind their heads or behind their backs, making sure that they couldn't use them to support their weight or cover their breasts. Then Black Zetsu spoke up. Gone where her dreams of becoming Naruto's wife or lover, and by now becoming a sex slave to the guy she liked sounded like heaven.

Collars and leashes were put on each of the captured girls and they were then forced to crawl on their hands and knees like dogs, being led by the zetsus.

Hanabi's tongue was exploring Naruto's mouth as she held on tight to him. Back outside, the other ninjas were so focused on the entrance that they failed to notice the zetsus sneaking up on them, surrounding the whole lot of them. He took Sakura in the missionary position, he took Tenten doggy style, he fucked Ayame sideways, he fucked Moegi standing up with her legs around his waste and her arms around his neck, and he fucked Hanabi while holding her up by the legs with her back to his chest.

And even when the celebratory orgy ended, the sex didn't. The winner would be granted any request she wanted, provided it didn't disrupt anything they were doing. By taking over the hot springs and adding something to the water that made people fall asleep, they turned a steady stream of sexy female customers into a steady stream of sex slaves that were kept in bondage underground, where they couldn't be found and where the local zetsus could rape them at their leisure.

They were able to walk in through the front gate without ever arising any suspicion. And Moegi currently had his dick in her vagina, even though it felt about ten sizes too big for her, and was shaking her hips to the best of her abilities. White women big tits. And the rest turned their attention to Sakura, who was already getting humped. They attacked ninja teams while they were off guard, getting all of them at once.

Naruto tsunade naked

At the end of it the zetsus began punishing the girls who disappointed. They did draw some attention, but no-one doubted it was them. The Akatsuki were wearing their trademark cloaks, but the only things the women were wearing was Tsunade's hat that marked her as hokage.

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Then Sakura took her place.

She was completely nude and being held up from behind by the zetsu, and they were facing Tsunade, giving her a clear view of Sakura's horrified face, large bouncing breasts, sexy nude body, and beautiful hairless vagina.

Girls were filled with cum and many feared pregnancy was a sure thing, while many others decided to just give up and try to enjoy it. The attempt to capture Naruto was successful. American indian tits. Shizune was now heartbroken and depressed. An alternate ending to the Lewd Prison series done by Naruho-dou. The females were kept alive and were often raped before they were smuggled out to be imprisoned. Soon they were all unconscious. The loser would get a break, while the winner would get fucked twice as much and take twice as much sperm inside her.

Hours upon hours of continuous fucking went by and they showed no signs of letting up. Naruto tsunade naked. The battle was short and the Leaf ninjas were defeated. The ninjas hit by the darts instantly and silently dropped one after another. Watch free lesbian porn videos. The girls were taken outside and forced to crawl nude through the streets, all headed in the same direction. After several minutes girls started getting disqualified. They all got into positions, disabled the traps and alarms, and then they began.

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And it was humiliating that they were led into a trap, while never suspecting a thing, and ended up as fuck slaves for a bunch of humanoid plants with big dicks that never seemed to go limp or run out of sperm. There's no reason to give up another. You are now leaving RedTube. And with that a giant orgy broke out as the zetsus began raping all the girls. After the first time she was captured by the zetsus and used as a fuck slave for their entertainment, she hooked up with Naruto and they'd been fucking like animals ever since.

At one point the zetsus decided to hold the cock squat championships. The aphrodisiac sealed chakra, made it hard to control her body, and of course made her aroused and horny as hell. Extremely fat women naked. Naruto nude tsunade Flag this video. He knew it wasn't gonna last forever. The big screen turned on and filmed them, giving everybody a clear view of their female leaders in the nude, getting groped from behind by their sworn enemies.

One saboteur and the mission fails and we're gonna spend the rest of our lives as fuck slaves? Hours upon hours of relentless forced sex later, the orgy was beginning to wind down. And at the moment there was nothing he could do about it, except take some pleasure in knowing that if he could use his shadow clones, he'd be able to put entire armies of zetsus to shame in fucking contests.

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Hanabi's tongue was exploring Naruto's mouth as she held on tight to him. Tsunade and Temari tried especially hard to become his fuck slaves, but they were denied. A zetsu then grabbed Tsunade, forced her onto his lap, impaled her on his cock, then picked her up and carried her off. Amanda adkins tits. Girls were filled with cum and many feared pregnancy was a sure thing, while many others decided to just give up and try to enjoy it. Naruto tsunade naked. They had a Hyuuga scout the area with his byakugan and give them the full layout of the area, as well as expose any traps.

Tsunade's Lewd Prison Village. Cocks invaded every opening, pussies, mouths, asses, and often stretched them out. Singapore naked girls tumblr There wasn't much else they could do. Protocol 2 years ago. Knowing that Sakura won her last two matches, she challenged her to a cock squat match just to outdo her rival and prove that she was the best fuck there.

In this the zetsus win and enslave and rape all the girls, then they invade the village. The men being forced to watch were crushed, humiliated, and embarrassed. Floppy tits big nipples. And Ayame cringed as she felt her heart break. And as soon as the girls were in the zetsus began grabbing and molesting them.

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Nude ebony sex videos As they stripped Tsunade naked to begin raping her as well, she realized there was a powerful aphrodisiac in the air. You won, so what's your request?
Big tit latina fucked The males they kidnapped were murdered and their bodies were smuggled out to be disposed of in secret.
A cup boobs naked If you use any jutsus or even annoy us, it'll activate. Ino was in love, and she did everything she could think of to please them.
Chubby women naked videos They all knew the plan and it was time to act.
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